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DIY Software Portfolio - Hiroyuki 04/28/24(Sun)16:35:58 No. 34 [ See full thread ]

I'll use this thread to share some of the software i've developed.

I have enjoyed to code small projects since i was a kid. Most of my coding skills have been self-taught so many people would find my coding approach unadequate or messy but nevertheless i enjoy coding and i code stuff for myself all the time.

This thread will serve to showcase some of the stuff i have coded. Most of the time i won't share the code but if you are interested you can hit me up on my twitter handle that i left on the FAQ.

- Hiroyuki 04/28/24(Sun)16:48:05 No. 35

I'll start with one for which actually i'll provide the source code for.

Dashboard FE (#DashFE for short) is a web frontend for Mastodon/Pleroma which draws inspiration from the Tumblr's user dashboard.

It's coded in PHP, so it needs a webserver to run it from. You don't have to use a shared hosting, you could run it from localhost if you install a webserver like XAMPP on your computer and it will run fine.

I stopped using the fediverse some time ago, and i haven't maintained/updated the code since then, but i verified with a recent test that it still works.

You can find the source code here:

Software Recomendation - Hiroyuki 04/03/24(Wed)02:00:48 No. 7 [ See full thread ]

I'll use this thread to list useful software that i use and that i think you may find useful in your day to day.

FreeTube - Hiroyuki 04/03/24(Wed)02:13:59 No. 8

Some people (me included) think that Youtube has become a lot bloated through the years and now navigating the page is cumbersome, slow, and a pain in the ass. Freetube is a third party Youtube frontend that tries to fix this ,aside from other issues.

Freetube is a local application that is almost a 1:1 copy of Youtube's webpage but it's a lot faster to use, it has a good deal of features that the original site has but it runs entirely inside your computer, retrieving from Youtube only the data of the videos.

It allows you to make a local Youtube "account" but everything is saved in your computer, so no data is shared with Youtube so it's also more private.

If you wish to try it, there are versions for the big three operating systems so it will work in whatever you are running, being Windows, Linux or Mac.


Shutter - Hiroyuki 04/07/24(Sun)17:26:12 No. 21

When taking screenshots, sometimes it is useful to have a tool that manages this in several ways than just pressing a key and copying the screenshot to the clipboard. Shutter is a tool for Linux that manages screenshots, letting you save them automatically to a folder of your preference every time you push a key or even capturing only certain part of a screen, among other useful things.

Free and Open source
Linux Only

Lightscreen - Hiroyuki 04/07/24(Sun)17:29:00 No. 22


If you want something similar to this but for Windows, Lightscreen is a good screenshot tool too which does a lot of what Shutter does.

Free and Open source
Windows only