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Posts that do not fit in any other board.

Books! - Hiroyuki 05/09/24(Thu)23:39:28 No. 38 [ See full thread ]

Books have always been a passion of mine, although I haven't been able to indulge in them as much lately. Nevertheless, I'm reigniting my love for reading and diving back into the pages! Here, I'll be sharing reviews of the books I read going forward, occasionally revisiting some old favorites. Expect honest opinions without spoiling the plot.

Demian by Hermann Hesse - Hiroyuki 05/10/24(Fri)00:33:26 No. 39

"Demian" by Hermann Hesse follows the journey of Emil Sinclair, a young boy growing up in Germany during the early 20th century. He struggles with his inner conflicts and the pressures of conformity in society. Through encounters with enigmatic characters like Max Demian, Sinclair embarks on a spiritual and psychological quest for self-discovery and enlightenment.

It's a coming-of-age book.

I initially picked up this book out of nostalgia. At a second-hand book sale, I stumbled upon the same edition my dad had when I was a kid, the one I ended up destroying while playing. Oh well...

This book is commonly assigned to high school and college students, given that Emil Sinclair, the protagonist, is around that age throughout most of the story. His internal struggles and his perception of the world resonate with individuals of that demographic.

Emil Sinclair is portrayed as an impressionable teen, riddled with doubts. I could totally relate to his tendency to over-analyze situations and thoughts. However, his inclination to cling to disparate ideas and symbolisms struck me as peculiar, but I suppose it's a part of what being a adolescent is after all...

Without spoiling the plot, the central idea of the book revolves around the concept of embracing both the good and evil within oneself, and accepting the good and "evil" parts of one way of thinking, rather than conforming to societal norms blindly.

While "Demian" delves sometimes into mysticism, religion, and gnosticism, it serves more as a platform to explore ideas rather than endorse specific beliefs.

Overall, "Demian" is a recommended read, despite its flaws and somewhat rushed ending. Its message is undeniably inspiring.

Random - Hiroyuki 04/07/24(Sun)17:06:21 No. 19 [ See full thread ]

Shit that doesn't have place anywhere else.

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- Hiroyuki 04/15/24(Mon)17:11:44 No. 30

I had to reinstall my old trusty laptop due to some stupid shit i did, but it's almost as good as when i had it before.

The lesson learned here is: Stay away from Windows, and always make backups.

- Hiroyuki 04/28/24(Sun)16:22:55 No. 31

- Hiroyuki 05/09/24(Thu)23:27:57 No. 37

Asked an AI how Paul Atreides from DUNE would look, if inspired in a young Mark Hamill.

Seen on 4chan - Hiroyuki 04/12/24(Fri)20:09:37 No. 26 [ See full thread ]

Thread to share interesting, wacky, crazy and other stuff that i find while browsing 4chan.

- Hiroyuki 04/12/24(Fri)20:14:51 No. 27

- Hiroyuki 04/28/24(Sun)16:24:17 No. 32

btw, NOT saying that i agree (or not) with what i post in this thread, i only share stuff that i find.

- Hiroyuki 05/09/24(Thu)23:25:59 No. 36

Music Thread - Hiroyuki 04/02/24(Tue)19:40:29 No. 5 [ See full thread ]

I love music, and i'm always looking for new songs to expand my ever growing music library. When i find something that is worthy of being shared i will post it here.

I will try to post the title, artist and link to youtube video, clicking on the image will take you to the youtube video page.

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- Hiroyuki 04/06/24(Sat)00:52:35 No. 16

Soul Sacrifice
Genre: Classic rock

- Hiroyuki 04/07/24(Sun)00:37:15 No. 18

Blankets of Night
Genre: Post Rock

- Hiroyuki 04/28/24(Sun)16:28:04 No. 33

Sibelius: Finlandia, Op. 26, No. 7
Arthur Fiedler and the Boston Pops Orchestra
Genre: Classical

Welcome - Hiroyuki 04/02/24(Tue)17:58:30 No. 1 [ See full thread ]

Hello and welcome to Hirochan

As i said in the index page, this is not a chan-type board but instead is a page where i collect information, ideas and stuff that i see across the internet. On this post i will try to answer some frequent questions about this page that some people may ask me.

- Hiroyuki 04/02/24(Tue)18:07:27 No. 2

> What is this page?

This is, uh, what i said above.

> So is not a *chan board?

No, it's just info organized in a page that looks like one.

> Why? Why this format?

I've been wanting to create a personal page in Neocities, but a lot of pages are of a specific theme. I am not really that versed in any kind of particular theme so instead i wanted to create a page on all the stuff i like and see around. I browse 4chan frequently and recently one user bought forward the use of a imageboard system to aggregate information, i just thought that it was a good idea so it was easier to have information organzied and easier to read chronologically while being compartimentalized and aggregated by themes.

- Hiroyuki 04/02/24(Tue)18:07:48 No. 3

> How do you do this?

I coded a local imageboard in PHP that has the feature of exporting the whole board in static html files, i then upload them to neocities and it's what you see here.

> That's nice. Will you make the code available?

I don't know, as of the publishing of this post the system is still a WIP so once i see that the system has a good grade of maturity i may publish the code in some git repo.

> So i can't post here?

Nope, the published site is static and noone can modify it, but if you have any comments or issues regarding any post here you can contact me in my Twitter and if you reply to me i may upload the reply here.

> What is your twitter?


- Hiroyuki 04/02/24(Tue)18:08:00 No. 4

> It is not called twitter anymore tho...

Don't care

> Why do you make this?

Out of boredom, i guess?

> It is a waste of time.

Maybe it is.

The FAQ may be updated later to add more questions. The whole site is a work in progress so anything can change without warning.