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Anime and Manga reviews

Dungeon Meshi - Hiroyuki 04/04/24(Thu)01:40:35 No. 10 [ See full thread ]

I've been told that Dungeon Meshi is an anime that Dungeon Meshi is one of the good animes of this season so i'm gonna start watchin it.

Started watching the first episode, and the little i've seen shows me that it's an anime that follows more or less the formula of a "Isekai in a fantasy world", though it's not really an isekai and the fantasy elements are more tied to the old "Dungeon n Dragons" formula.

All in all until now it seems very good, it has very good amounts of action and comedy, but to be sure i'm still not so sure the cooking sequences have any usefulness to the series, but it's a series about that, so let's wait and see.

Episode 2 - Hiroyuki 04/05/24(Fri)23:22:03 No. 11

Episode was very good. I know it is early to say it just having seen two episodes but it's the best so far.

I've heard that some people say that they hate Marcille but honestly i think she's the best part of the anime, and i could create a huge telegram sticker pack from her reactions just on this episode.

It's probably Marcille's doings what have glued me to the show until now because honestly i couldn't care less about all the cooking and food stuff of the rest of the show.

- Hiroyuki 04/07/24(Sun)00:33:30 No. 17

I was gonna say also that i thought that this part was a reference to the gigachad meme, but turns out the original who appears in the manga predates the meme for several years, that surpirsed me.