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Blender Portfolio - Hiroyuki 04/05/24(Fri)23:36:20 No. 12

I'll use this thread to upload a portfolio of stuff that i have made in Blender, since the start until now, and if possible provide insights on the creation of each piece.

This, the first one, was created around june of 2020. One of the good things that COVID and lockdowns bought whas that suddenly there was a lot of time to do stuff because everything was paralyzed, so taking up a new hobby was a logical thing to do.

I started Blender without much expectation, but Blenderguru's donut and coffee tutorial was so easy to follow and the results were so good that i got stuck by it.

- Hiroyuki 04/07/24(Sun)17:36:43 No. 23

Render date: 14 June 2020

Blenderguru's donut tutorial did a VERY GOOD joob at teaching me the basics of how Blender works, and after a couple of days of fooling around Blender, clicking here and there, i decided that i had enough knowledge to take on a bigger project.

The Tesla Cybertruck is of course very polygonal and i tought that it was a good project for a begginer, it took a bit to make it, and looking back to it i CRINGE to the topology but i am still very proud of it for being one of my being projects done without the help of a tutorial.

- Hiroyuki 04/12/24(Fri)20:35:21 No. 29

Render date: 22 June 2020

I just wanted to put the Cybertruck in any scene so i put it on the parking lot of a convenience store.

Interesting thing: by then i didn't knew you had to "denoise" the renders (or render them at very high samples) and night scenes are specially problematic with this. This turned out with a lot of noise, and while i could have discarded it or render it with a very high amount of samples, i noticed that it looked kinda like rain, so i added some noise to the water puddles and it worked quite well for it.

- Hiroyuki 05/10/24(Fri)00:51:54 No. 40

Render date: 23 June 2020

Another simple render done during the very early era of experimentation. I started playing around with the simple denoiser so the image wouldn't look as grainy as the others before, but still it took ages to render on my 10 year old computer, I tried the trial period of some online render farm and was in awe on how fast things would render with proper hardware, lol.

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